Scala Journeys

09/05/2017   Industry insights   LinuxRecruit community  

Through running Scala Central for the last 6 months or so, it’s been great to see the community come together - we’re expecting to reach 1000 members in the next couple of weeks.

And of course, looking at the wider picture, Scala is being used in production everywhere from mobile games to banks, and Scala conferences have more than doubled in the last year, creating a fast-growing and passionate network of Scala enthusiasts.

But for some reason, despite this growth, outside the community, Scala seems to have an unfair reputation as quite a ‘niche’ language, and we think it deserves more publicity!

So we wanted to make another contribution by interviewing some leading figures in the community to create a ‘Scala Journeys’ ebook, including Scala Central Speakers Daniela Sfregola, Stefano Bonetti, Rhys Sharrem, Paul Roberts and Pascal Bugnion, as well as community leader Kingsley Davies.

This ebook gives some guidance on approaching Scala, some insights into the new developments and challenges within the Scala ecosystem, as well as some predictions for the future.

Open the ebook by clicking on the image below, or by following this link.

If you’re using Scala at the moment, or are considering picking it up, we hope this ebook will give you some interesting insights to take away.

We hope you enjoy reading,