Permanent  |  £70000 - £90000 per annum + Excellent benefits  |  Greater London  |  London

Linux  •  Infrastructure  •  Architecture  •  DevOps  •  Functional Programming  •  Back End Development

The morning commute, standing in between a couple of sweaty armpits on a cramped tube for 45 minutes.

'How was your weekend?' 15 times at the coffee machine, pretending like you care. Smile, nod, and inch further away from the conversation...

Listening to Steve tell everyone about his weekend hiking in snowdonia, and Johnno bragging about how drunk he got on Saturday night with the lads in Shoreditch.

The constant questions about trivial things from people who have no real idea what you do, but are somehow given free reign to come and disturb you at every opportunity "I've forgotten my password..!?".

Unfortunately this is modern open plan life. The modern office apparently, which seems to have turned outdated pretty quickly.

All you want, is to actually lock yourself in a room, and get shit done.

We have an opportunity where you will be given full autonomy as an SRE.

You'll be locked in a room, or in a cafe, or sat on a beach, or wherever you fancy working from that day. Anywhere that stimulates your creative juices on that given day.

You'll be building amazing software, with a group of like minded individuals, all working wherever they like (although they do have an office in London, if you fancy popping in from time to time).

Meetings/Standups are done over Google Hangout. Work is distributed and shared remotely. Slack is utilised extensively. You still have a sense of team and family, however you don't need to breathe the same air on a daily basis.

You'll be using your GO development experience to build great Infrastructure services. You'll be using AWS and Google Cloud Platform using a vast array of their services.

Microservice Architecture will excite you, Containers still entice you, Immutable Infrastructure will be your approach and you'll have been exposed to other development environments such as Node.js and Elixir.

Come and build great products and services, from where ever you want, using some pretty cool tech.

If this sounds like it could be for you, and you're currently working within the DevOps spehere, or Site Reliability Engineering, or even Software Engineering please get in touch with me on | 07794035241 or apply to this advert (or register your interest)

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