DevOps Evangelist

Contract  |  £575 - £625 per day  |  Greater London  |  London

Linux  •  Infrastructure  •  Leadership  •  Architecture  •  DevOps

You and I both know that DevOps Evangelist contracts exist… but they are few and far between. Where the hell are they?!

You're in luck, I hope you're ready to completely change the way organisations see DevOps, because you've stumbled upon one of those fabled contracts.

Don't jump just yet, I won't lie, you're not going to be working with the 'sexiest' tech, but… the projects you do work on are yours entirely to do with as you will… End to end, as long as you're happy to work with OpenStack and OpenShift, amongst other things.

Excited? It gets better, whilst you might be required to be on-site two or three days a week, the rest of the time you can sit back and relax at home… Just don't relax too much, there is some evangelising to be done!

"When can I start?" you ask… Thats up to you, give me a call and we can get this one moving now.

  • 07496 208 658
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